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Establishing an organizational structure for your new Ohio small business

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When you are starting up a new business in
Ohio, there is a lot to consider – from creating a suitable business name, to
writing a plan, sourcing suitable business insurance policies, obtaining
finance, developing marketing strategies, finding suitable premises, and
employing staff. Part of your business development and planning involves
establishing your organizational structure – which also needs to be written up
in your business plan.

Expanding Your Product Line

Category: Blog

From time to time Ohio businesses will release new products
and possibly phase out old products. Expanding your product line can be an
exciting challenge, and it can require some careful research and planning. When you make any major changes to
your business, remember to update your business insurance policy.

Choosing a New Roommate in Ohio

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Moving into your first home can be an exciting time. A rent-paying
roommate can help you pay off your mortgage faster and keep you company. It’s
important that you choose a roommate carefully, however. As you get your house
settled, it is important to speak to an agent about obtaining quotes for your
home from insurance companies straight away.

Choosing the Right Business Structure

Category: Blog

Choosing the right business structure can impact your
tax obligations, finance options, personal liability, and other issues. We look
at some of the most common structures for businesses, though it’s advisable to
seek professional advice if you have doubts about the right structure for you.
Remember to speak to an agent about obtaining quotes from Ohio
insurance companies once you
have chosen your business structure and are ready to set up your business.

Rebranding Your Business

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Have you ever thought about rebranding as a marketing
strategy? Just as regular review of your business
insurance in Ohio policy is
beneficial for your business, it can prove advantageous to review your business
branding strategy from time to time. While rebranding can be extremely
complicated, here we look at some simple ways in which rebranding could be

Network Successfully as a New Business Owner

Category: Blog

As a new business owner, you’ll undoubtedly be busy with everything from arranging Ohio business insurance and setting up your new business premises to marketing and engaging new employees. As you settle into your day-to-day activities, it’s important to avoid neglecting networking. These are some practical strategies for successful business networking.

Using Tablets for Business Efficiency

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Along with smartphones, productivity benefits have been attributed to tablet computers. Tablet computers offer a level of mobility and functionality that can enhance business efficiency. As with any type of business equipment, it’s vital to ensure that you have appropriate insurance coverage. Should you be seeking coverage for any new equipment, speak to an agent who can help you obtain quotes from Ohio insurance companies.

Elements in Business Risk

Category: Blog

Risk is inherent to life and business, and managing risk is one of the priorities of every business. Insurance and good business management is important for managing risk, and businesses seeking to manage their risk should consider contacting a local agent about obtaining quotes from Ohio business insurance companies. It’s useful to examine some of the different types of risks associated with running a business.

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